September 2021

Welcome back to all of our existing students and welcome to all of our new students.

There is already quite a bit of interest this year and we are looking forward to having you all in class.

Until advised otherwise by the CPHO and Sport PEI, we will continue to have the students train in cohorts of 4-6 students. The intent is to keep these cohorts relatively stable to prevent any spread of Covid-19. If any student is experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19 as outlined by the CPHO (see here) we would ask that you not attend class until those symptoms are gone.

To allow us more time to teach during class times, we are moving to automated payment plans this year to reduce the amount of administration on our end. This will allow us to keep the prices the same for those going to payment plans or staying on quarterly payments. We have sent additional information out via email to existing members and will be providing it to new members as they join.

The $30 annual registration with the WTFPEI Association is also due now. This covers insurance and registration with both Taekwondo Canada as well as Sport PEI and is required for all students participating in classes. This one time annual payment can be paid via Interac to

To make it easier, we can process the registration fee along with the monthly fees when we first set you up.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,


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