Junior Nationals – Halifax

Junior Nationals will be held in Halifax from January 15-17 with:

Colour Belt Tournament – Friday, January 15
Black Belt Tournament – Saturday and Sunday, January 16/17

With the tournament so close this year, this is a great opportunity for any students who are interested. Those interested in being part of the colour belt team should contact Master Ives as there will be some special training leading up to the event. We will be allowing all colour belts who are going to Nationals to participate in the High Performance classes on Mondays (8:00) and Wednesdays (7:00).

There are also new black belt forms competitions this year for both pairs and team as well as individual. More information can be found here.

Black belt divisions are based on the following ages:

Division A – Born in 1993, 1994, 1995
Division B – Born in 1996, 1997
Division C – Born in 1998 or 1999

The deadline for registration is December 17th for colour belts (postmarked by Dec 17th) and December 23rd for black belts (online). Information can be found here with Black Belt Registration requirements for Division A are here and Division B are here. Colour Belt Registration forms etc. are here.

Equipment requirements are listed here for blackbelts and in the colour belt package above.. Junior A black belt competitors will be using electronic body pads etc. and MUST PURCHASE LAJUST SOCKS prior to the tournament at the Lajust website at http://www.lajustsports.ca/en/sensorsocksgroup.html.

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