Self Defence

Big turnout for the seminar on Wednesday night. Everyone who was there really enjoyed it and we are already talking about holding a general one soon for all belts. Thanks again to Josh for coming in.

Is this something people would like to do on a more regular basis? Should it be scheduled or would you rather see it come up randomly? Post your thoughts to comments.

4 thoughts on “Self Defence

  1. Are you giving self-defense classes open to the general public. Women especially love the opportunity to take a free self-defense class and it brings in potential new students.

  2. It would be great if self-defense courses occur on a more regular basis. I feel frequent training in this areas would help students become more comfortable and reactive to applying self-defense techiques if required.

  3. I really loved this class and hope we can do this more often. In a bad situation you need to be able to react quickly. I would love to have the opportunity to practice the self defense techniques until they become second nature.

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