WTF rules will be in effect. Electronic scoring systems will be used.

All coloured belt matches will be 2 rounds of 1 ½ minutes each, with a 30 second break.

Black belt matches will consist of 2 rounds of 2 minutes each with a 1 minute break.

Golden kick (“sudden death”) will be in effect for ties.


Kicking to the head will only be allowed for black belt divisions with competitors 13 years of age and over. We will also offer a recreational division without head contact for black belts.


All coloured belt divisions are required to wear full sparring equipment; including head gear, chest protector, mouth guard, shin and instep guards, forearm guards and a groin protector.  Taping of the feet will not in itself qualify as protective equipment.

Exception: Black belts competitors 13 years and older are not required to wear instep protectors.

Competitors failing to meet the equipment requirements at the time of their match will be disqualified.

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