PEI Provincials Divisions – REVISED (please check)

Here are the divisions for Saturday. There will be two groups (one at 11:00 and the other at 1:00) but these are subject to change as we move some divisions around. Both groups should take approximately two hours.

Group A – 11:00 am

Division 1: Logan B, Jayden G
Division 2: Cole I, Michael S
Division 3: Madison P, Jessica P
Division 4: Georgia S, Maeve D
Division 5: Andrew R, Jacob R, Daniel W, Connor S, Jaxon I
Division 6: Sam G, Mason M
Division 7: Ainsley G, Zoe S
Division 8: Hayden C, Owen D, Eric L, Nathan W
Division 9: Christian I, Jordan B
Division 10: Kaleb M, Dale K

Group B – 1:00 pm

Division 11: Gideon G, Aiden S
Division 12: Logan H, Ashton D
Division 13: Dawson C, Jarrett M, Mitchel W
Division 14: Berry G, Meleah P
Division 15: Mitchell R, Claudia M
Division 16: Kaleb T, Mitchell R
Division 17: Isaac M, David M
Division 18: Reddin H, Luc G, Joel G

There have been a few requests for different times if possible (while I have attempted to accommodate all requests I may have missed a couple so this may shift a little over the next day).

Please let me know if this is the case or you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Thank you and see you on Saturday.



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