Summer Open … Thank You

Thank you to everyone who made this years Summer Open a success.

Thank you to the competitors and their coaches who came from throughout the Maritimes. The matches were great from White Belt all the way up to Black Belt.

Thank you to the officials for your professionalism and your attention during every match. It was very nice to see so many National referees including Karl Dery from Quebec and Master Eric Wah the National Referee Committee Chair from Alberta.

Thank you to the volunteers for all of your time both that day and for all of the hard work leading up to the Open. We received very positive feedback from parents and coaches and competitors.

Personally, it was very rewarding to see the PEI Taekwondo athletes doing so well in both Forms and Sparring competitions. We will be posting a list of results later. Congratulations to all of you.

Once again, thank you.

Master Ives

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