Master Lee Seminar and Test Times

The times for the Master Lee seminars (April 14th to 17th) are as follows:

Wednesday (Charlottetown): 6:00 Kids, 7:30 Adult

Thursday (Montague): 6:00 Kids, 7:30 Adult

Friday (Charlottetown): 6:00 Black Belt Test – people testing should be there at 5:30

Saturday (Egmont Bay): 10:00 White Belt to Green Belt, 11:30 Blue Stripe to Black

Saturday (Charlottetown): 3:00 High Performance (Blue Belts and Up)

Children older than 10 years of age can come to the Adult Seminar. The children’s seminars will last approximately 75 minutes and the adult seminars will be 90 minutes or slightly more. The High Performance Seminar will last approximately 2 hours.

Please let your instructor know if you have any questions.


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