Gymnastics Practice

This Wednesday night the high performance class will be going up to the gymnastics academy at 7:30. Please have a t-shirt and gym pants (your tkd pants will be fine). If you are under 18 and not accompanied by your parents please bring a note signed by your parents saying that you are permitted to participate in this class.

From 7:00 to 7:30 we will be working on test requirements so show up early and warm up on your own as there will be no formal warmup. This is an optional class for people who are interested in learning some gymnastic techniques.

We will be working in with the regular adult gymnastics class from 7:30 to 9:30. It will start with a warm up, followed by work on fundamentals and then up to an hour of free time (until 9:30 pm). For people who wish to go but can’t stay until 9:30 please ensure that you are picked up at the PEI Gymnastics Academy (same building but in the next parking lot).

One thought on “Gymnastics Practice

  1. This was so much fun. I love the spring board!!!

    Thank You to Master Ives for arranging this and Thank You to the Instructors at the Gymnastics Academy.

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