March Break Schedule and Black Belt Training

During the March Break there will be open all belt classes at the following times.

Wednesday 6-7 (open class)
Thursday 7-8 (open class)

Additional Black Belt Test training will be occurring over the next three weeks at the following times (please note these class times are only for Black Belts and those testing for Black Belt):

March 13 12:30-2:30 (Saturday)
March 15 7:00-9:00 (Monday)
March 16 7:00-9:00 (Tuesday)
March 17 7:00-8:00 (Wednesday)
March 18 8:00-10:00 (Thursday)
March 20 12:30-2:30 (Saturday)
March 27 12:30-2:30 (Saturday)
April 3 12:30-2:30 (Saturday)

Thank you to all of the instructors who are helping to run the classes.


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