WTF Taekwondo Referee Course

There is going to be a Provincial Referee certification course offered on Saturday Nov 14th (9am to 4pm).  All students who are 13 years or older and green belt & up,  are eligible to sign up.  Successful students will be certified as a Provincial Referee.

This course is only offered once a year.  All 1st Dan/1st Poom are strongly encouraged to have the minimum level of P3.   The costs are as follows:

  • P3 level – $30
  • P2 level – $40
  • P1 level – $50

 In order to do well in a game, you have to know the rules of the game.  The course outline consisted of learning the WTF rules, positions in the ring, the do’s and don’ts and so on.  Participants will benefit greatly with this course.  Any students interested in the national training seminar must have achieved the highest provincial level (P1) before moving to the N3 National level.

Deadline for registration is Oct 30th.  Please make cheque payable to PEI Taekwondo Association.

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