Junior Nationals

Prince Edward Island was represented very well this weekend at the 2008 Taekwondo Junior Nationals in Quebec City. Zach Purchase, Andrew Cameron and Devin Li were all in different weight classes in Division “B” with Jeff Landrigan and Tyler McNeill fighting in the older Division “A”.

The guys all fought very well rising to the challenge against difficult opponents with every one of them having great matches with most scores being close decisions within one point and at the most two kicks in the difference.  We will be posting some video of the fights in the next couple of days.

Devin Li made it to the podium bringing home a bronze! Please join me in congratulating the whole team on a great showing after a lot of hard work and intense training.

I would also like to thank our cheering section who were not to be out done by the larger crowds from Quebec and Ontario. Thanks for your support everyone!

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