Seminar Schedule and Class Cancellations – REVISED

GrandMaster Lee will be arriving on March 29th to give a Black Belt Test that night at 5:00. The test is open to the public and all are welcome to come watch.

GrandMaster Lee will also be giving the following seminars during the week:

  • Sunday (Charlottetown, PEI Taekwondo) – 12:30 Beginner Seminar, 2:00 Advanced Seminar
  • Monday (Montague, Montague Regional High School Cafeteria) – 6:00 Beginner Seminar, 7:30 Advanced Seminar
  • Tuesday (Egmont Bay, Beaton’s Taekwondo) – 6:00 Beginner Seminar, 7:30 Advanced Seminar
  • Wednesday (Charlottetown, PEI Taekwondo) – 6:00 to 8:00 Black Belt Seminar

For classes in Charlottetown and Montague, the beginner seminar is for white to green belts and advanced seminar is for blue stripes and up. Please let me know if you wish to participate in a different class.

Due to the seminars, there will be no classes in Charlottetown or Montague on Monday or Tuesday night. Please attend the seminars on Sunday or Monday instead as these seminars are an incredible opportunity to learn from a Ninth Degree Taekwondo Master. There is no charge to registered members of the Provincial Taekwondo Association.

If there are any students who cannot attend the seminars in their area please let me know and we will make other arrangements.


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