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Maritime Mayhem II Recap

Greg, Andrew, Nigel and I had a great day at Maritime Mayhem II … the fact that Greg and Andrew brought their own cheering sections didn’t hurt either. Our old training partner Brad was there as well (at CF Biometrics now that he is at school in Fredericton but we will still claim him ;)

The OH Squats were the hardest part of the first workout – we all agreed it would have been nicer if they were at beginning. Everyone did great on the barbell part of the second workout. Nigel crushed out 26 box jumps at 30″ to move up the rankings.

The third workout was Jackie. I think Greg and Andrew both won their heats. I think all three of us PR’d on it. Nigel and Brad finished the horrific Jackie on Steroids (95# thrusters instead of 45# bar with C2B pull ups instead of regular pull ups) and doing well enough to both make the Rx finals.

The finals were 5:00 ascending ladder AMRAPs of T2Bs and 95/65 Snatches for Scaled & Masters and Bar Muscle Ups and 135/95 Snatches for Rx. Nigel and Brad tied 2nd for this and just missed the podium.

Incredibly proud of how everyone did. Can’t wait to have a comp day again at the Island Throwdown. Todd and Jeff opened up some more spots but I think they are almost full.


Upcoming Tournaments

Here is some information on two upcoming tournaments in Moncton and Halifax.

Please note that there is a 1 time yearly 5$ charge for all out of province participants for New Brunswick tournaments.

NB Provincials – November 22nd

2014 NB Provincials

2014 NB PROVINCIAL1 registration form


Black Belt Canada – December 6th 





Please let your instructor know if you have any questions or are interested in attending.


Intro To Sparring

This Saturday (November 8th) there will be an Intro to Sparring seminar from 2:30 to 4:00 led by National competitor Hannah Ives.

The cost is $10 and will be a great opportunity for any students new to Taekwondo or for students who have been doing Taekwondo for a while and want to build their comfort level with sparring.

There are 15 spots available … spots are going quickly so register before it fills up by commenting below or signing up at PEI Taekwondo.

Taekwondo Tonight but not Monday

There will be Taekwondo tonight (Thursday October 9th) but no classes on Thanksgiving Monday.

Master Beaton Sparring Seminar

Master Rodney Beaton will be giving an all belt sparring seminar on Saturday October 4th. Cost $20.

This is an excellent opportunity to work on your sparring technique as we start the Fall season.

Please post to comments or the FB event ( to hold your spot.

Let your instructor know if you have any questions. Thank you,


Xavier Taekwondo Championships

XavierTKDChampionships Xavier Taekwondo Club will be hosting their tournament in Antigonish, NS on October 11th. You can view the tournament package here Xavier Taekwondo Championships.

You can also register for it on TournamentTrackR here. Please sign the form that will be emailed to you and bring it inalong with payment and we will forward it to Master Reeves.

This is an excellent tournament and we will be sending a large group to it. Please let any of the instructors know if you have any questions.

Fall Schedule

We will be back on our Fall schedule starting September 8th. Classes for the remainder of this week (Wednesday and Thursday) will be Kids at 6:30 and Teens/Adults at 7:30.

The schedule will continue to have Basics classes for kids on Mondays and Wednesdays. The Basic Kids classes are for beginners as well as any higher belts wantingd to work on their basic techniques.

The Advanced Kids classes are for higher belts while the Teens and Adult classes will be for all belts on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights.

The comp class will be for any students wanting to get some extra sparring time to improve their skills.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Fall Hours – Starting Sept 8th
Mondays and Wednesdays
6:30 Basic Kids (ages 4-7)
7:15 Basic Kids (ages 8-12)

8:15 Teens and Adults

Tuesdays and Thursdays
6:30 Advanced Kids (ages 8-12)
7:30 Competition Class
8:15 Teens and Adults

Summer Break

This is a reminder that we will be on our traditional two week Summer break for the weeks of July 24th and August 4th.

We will be on our Summer Schedule for next week and the month of August.

See you next week.


Head Kick Seminar Tuesday

Tyler McNeill is in town and will be giving a head kick seminar this Tuesday. This will include drills to improve delivery of the kick, learning when to throw it and how not to get hit.

The seminar will run from 6:30 to 8:30 and will cost $20.

Please post if you have any questions.


Family Class starts tonight

Further to the new summer schedule, the first family class is tonight. Come on in and try it out … all ages welcome.

Master Ives


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